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Couple of the Month November – Shatha and Tim

Shatha and Tim First Dance

Why did you decide to have dance lessons?
We have been together for close to 9 years. Since 2 months into our relationship, we have had a song. It’s very special to us. When it came time to plan our wedding, we felt it was important to do the song justice and perform a proper dance to it.
How long before the wedding did you start your dance lessons?
About 8 weeks out from the wedding.
What was the most important thing you wanted to get out of your wedding dance lessons?
We wanted to make sure that our wedding guests understood how important this song is to us and how much we love it. Also not to look like fools on the dance floor 🙂
How did the dance turn out on the day?
Amazing!!! We did not practice nearly enough and we had to communicate the steps to each other throughout the whole dance. But we did it with big smiles on our faces and we don’t think the guests even noticed! When you practice at home and in the studio, you’re doing it to a quiet room. On the day, there is so much energy and cheering from the crowd, that it just helps you perform SO much better.
How did you feel straight after your dance was performed?
A bit dizzy :p but for us it was a huge relief to have performed it so perfectly. It was also great  to finally reach the point in our wedding where we could let our hair down and just dance like lunatics!
What advice do you have for future couples?
Just have fun and don’t take it too seriously. If you make a few mistakes, no one is going to notice or really care. What people will notice is the big smile plastered on your face and the fact that you’re having a great time during your first dance. Also pick a song you don’t mind hearing on repeat over and over 🙂
What was your favourite thing about your dance lessons?
It was so much fun for us. I was worried we wouldn’t enjoy it because we are both so uncoordinated and it’s not really our style, but we were in stitches during most of our rehearsals.
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